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Hmm, Once a year wont cut it eh?

Time flies when you're having fun, or on the hamster wheel of life like we all are, stretching everything to make ends meet and the pottery side hustle is keeping us steady, but not as busy as we woudl like to be able to focus more on this, and less on the daily grind.

Totally our fault, resting on our laurels somewhat, waiting for all you lovely people to just stumble across us and hope you like what you see, without actually shouting from the rooftops that we are here, so for the few of you that have made it to us and hopefully bought a thing or 2, thank you for persevering the interweb and being a part of our little ceramic gang.

Everyone else who will be reading this in the future, change started here, diarised blog posts, better social media usage, basically less rubbish at getting our message out there.

Oh, and hopefully it will be a little more entertaining than this drivel. And as a chef guess I could plonk in the odd recipe here and there, guess I'll start with a simple kimchi next week which can be made in our unique kimchi pots (hint, hint).

Anyway, time to go, pots wont glaze themselves, thanks for passing by.



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