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StonewareYarn Bowl

StonewareYarn Bowl


Stoneware yarn bowls, glazed in a floating blue/green. Variety of designs available, designs will be sent according to availability. 


Approximately 15cm by 9cm


We try to keep several yarn bowls in stock at any given time, but please be aware that if you request a specific design, wait time for the product could be increased as your chosen design may need to be made to order.


A little bit about me

As a self taught lockdown potter, my work may be a little rougher around the edges than some makers, and indeed the perfection seen on social media. I work to refine my items but makers mark will remain.

All items are made by myself or my wife Sally and we are learning as we go. Everything is fit for purpose but occasional fingerprints, glaze lines, throwing marks will appear, I believe this adds to the uniqueness of each item, but please be understanding when plates stack a little oddly, or there are finger mark lines inside your coffee cup.

Also, some of these items are make to order and I have to stick to a making schedule as each item goes through the following process.

Wedge, make, dry, trim, dry again, fettle, bisque fire, glaze, then glaze fire, finally the item will be checked, base sanded smooth and packaged up securely to arrive to you in the quickest time possible. This currently due to the damp weather can take up to 3 weeks. And that is for listed items. If it’s an addition to the range then design, testing, glaze testing, costing, photographing, and listing is added to the process which are all usually done by me. 

I truly hope you enjoy your item(s), thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this, hope you have an amazing day.

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